CPPD Academy

The human, Marie, couldn’t pass up the chance to work with one of the people she respects most on this planet, a trailblazer in the world of working with dogs to create social change, Chris Kent.


Chris runs the K9 Project and has combined all of her knowledge and experience with her passion for working with dogs, and created incredible projects that have enabled thousands of people to make positive change. She has helped countless dogs along the way too.

Being told ‘I want to do what you do’ is a hazard when working with dogs. Both Chris and our human hear this a lot! They have joined forces in an attempt to help more people ‘do what they do’, but in their own way!

The CPPD Academy offers a way for people to learn more about working with dogs to create social change.

We’re two people who have taken our ideas and a huge leap of faith, and made it happen. We’ve made mistakes and there are things we would have done differently, but they have helped shape where we are now. If we had a pound for every time someone said ‘I’d love to do what you do’, we’d be millionaires. If you would like to do what we (and many others) do, we’re excited for you and hope that we can help you as you embark upon or continue along your journey.

For more information about the CPPD Academy, the book and the free guide on creating a narrative for your dog, please visit the website.

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