Training Thursday: Four Books For Your ‘Must Read’ List

As you may already know, our social enterprise started with a book, so it won’t come as a surprise that books form a huge part of our continual development.


There are so many books I could put on this list, but these are four I have re-read recently and still enjoy going back to. There’s so much more to training our dogs than teaching cues or changing behaviour. Learning about them and truly understanding them is a lifestyle choice. The more we understand our canine friends, the better our relationship will be with them.

If any of these resonate with you, please treat yourself and never stop learning about your canine friends.

The Misunderstood Dog, Jordan Rothman – Break Free of the myths about (wo)man’s best friend and learn how to train your dog with facts, not fiction.

The Genius of Dogs, Brian Hare & Vanessa Woods – Discovering the unique intelligence of (wo)man’s best friend.

Your Dog Is Your Mirror, Kevin Behan – The emotional capacity of our dogs and ourselves.

How Dogs Love Us, Gregory Berns – A neuroscientist and his adopted dog decode the canine brain.


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