Guest Blog: My Anxious Dog

Written by Sarah Beckley-Jones

Life with your anxious and reactive dog is a challenge but you are the HERO in your dog’s story.


You are working really hard to keep your dog safe, to ensure they do not become anxious, frustrated or fearful which then can cause them to become reactive.

However, life isn’t easy and sometimes things don’t run smoothly and they become reactive.

You don’t like to feel embarrassed by your dogs’ actions.

You see life with your anxious and reactive dog is a challenge and you often feel like you’ve been labelled as a bad dog owner with an aggressive dog.

My Anxious DogA dog owner who’s not socialised your dog.

A dog owner who has no control.

A dog owner who has been made to feel like an outcast.

I mean how dare you walk in the same park with that off lead dog, how selfish of you.

This is not true.

Your dog is not a monster and you are not a bad dog owner. You should be able to enjoy the same walks as everyone else.

No one should ever make you feel like you have done something wrong or not trained your dog properly.

Despite what others think you are the hero. You are the one who is trying their best to rehabilitate, support and train your anxious friend.

As on onlooker walks past you may feel embarrassed, you don’t want to be seen as different with this difficult dog.

What will they think?


Wouldn’t it be good to have some kind of way to help educate and inform others about your dogs’ needs? Yellow is a great way…

Your dog wears yellow with pride and you can walk your dog with pride.

Yellow creates awareness, it educates, it is your dogs’ SUPERPOWER.

Yellow is a simple way to inform other people that your dog needs space.

It works! I know as I’ve seen it in action.

Yes, some days are tougher than others. Sometimes no matter how hard we try there is always going to be that one dog owner who lets their ‘friendly’ dog run up to your on lead dog.

However, the message is slowly getting across.

I am proud that my dog wears yellow, in fact when I slip her harness on I feel like I have put on some kind of shield.

Life is not a bubble and we are not in a vacuum. You will have bad days but there will also be good days.

If wearing a yellow harness or attaching a yellow lead onto your dog can help, then this is a positive thing. 

Think of it has a helping hand.

We all need a bit of a helping hand once in a while.



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