Ask The Dog: Book Review

Trainer & Behaviourist, Joanne Hinds, has brought a vital message to life in her book, Ask The Dog, designed for children but necessary for people of all ages.

Learning about how to greet a dog and whether or not a dog would like to be greeted at all is a necessary life skill and this book will help to educate the next generation. I love that there’s a reminder that the lessons apply to pet dogs as well as dogs outside of the home.

Told through poetry and complemented by illustrations (by Scott Hinds), the importance of the message is not lost in the entertaining style. Joanne offers a simple and effective five-step process that can be easily applied when around a dog and it’s no understatement to say that this book could save lives.

This book needs to be in the hands of every young (& not so young!) human.

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