Biltong Reviewed By Mr Bear

If you haven’t heard of Biltong don’t worry, you’re not alone. I was introduced to this word last week and have enjoyed learning all about these new (to me) treats on the market.

It turns out that Biltong isn’t new at all, it’s ‘a variety of air-cured meat treats that originate from Southern Africa, and traditionally-prepared for humans,’ according to my new friends at ByBenji. They go on to explain that:

‘The word biltong comes from the Dutch bil (“rump”) and tong (“strip” or “tongue”), and it is typically made from premium quality, raw fillets of meat which are cut into strips following the grain of the muscle meat, hung to air dry naturally to preserve.’

Now, I’m all for high-value treats, but this is a whole new level.


I’m always on the lookout for new treats to keep Mr Bear motivated and while he does love his food, he’s not shy about sharing his views on whether he deems a treat to be high value or not. At his last visit to the vet, he was offered a treat, accepted it and then promptly spat it out onto the floor. We might need to work on training some gratitude.

Anyway, back to Biltong.

After a fast delivery, we were the proud owners of ‘supersticks’ and ‘sausages’ which, despite the excellent packaging, were under investigation as soon as the postie had dropped them through the letterbox.

The drooling had begun.

There’s no doubt that these hit the mark with Mr Bear! He’s quite often found looking around for a treat that he hasn’t bothered to catch or that’s bounced off his nose; not these, he’s devouring them. He has been nose-down and loving his biltong treat trails and the ultimate approval came when he walked away from his dinner to pick up a tiny piece of a superstick that he missed during an earlier game.


If you’re looking for something new, high quality and Bear-approved, look no further!

Here’s ByBenji’s website and you can follow them on Instagram.

Be warned that there are imposters out there claiming that they are providing ‘biltong’ treats but ByBenji has secured the honour of being the only DEFRA approved manufacturer in the UK.

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