Biothane Long Line from Houndstuff

Biothane Long Line

Long lines have become a ‘must have’ piece of kit for training and to ensure our dogs are safe when there’s a risk of them running into danger. For anyone who follows our blog, you’ll know that we live in an area where the sheep don’t play fair and the farmers are not afraid to use their guns, so in certain areas we have long lines at the ready.

We also regularly use them when we’re working with clients to teach their dogs a reliable recall.

Walking and working outside in all weathers means that the leads take a battering. We have been caught in difficult situations where long lines have torn on rocks or become so soggy that they weigh a tonne and hamper proceedings. We needed something that would be hard-wearing, ready for the rain, rivers and rough terrain and something we could trust.

We have finally found what we were looking for!

Houndstuff describes these leads: ‘Biothane is a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof and easy to clean than normal webbing.  It is rot-proof & has a high UV resistance.‘ Sounds good, right?

Well, our question was, ‘will the lead be strong enough to cope with Mr Bear’s river adventures combined with his daily squirrel patrol while being confronted by sheep?’ Seriously, the sheep don’t play fair here. They run at us!

Combined with our tried and tested Splashy Dog Harness, we can confirm that the lead can manage the strength of The Bear. Please remember that long lines must never be attached to the dog’s collar and only attached to a comfortable, fitted harness.

He has taken it through rivers, got it caught around rocks, executed his finest squirrel chase and attempted to drag a tree from where it had been felled back to the car.

It’s not the lightest lead on the market, but you can choose the length and width of biothane that you feel will work best for your dog’s needs. It doesn’t really get knotted up and is easy to wrap back up to carry or put in a ruck sack when you’re not using it.

The customer service is second to none, with questions answered quickly and the turnaround on the leads, which are made to measure, is super-fast.

If you’re training a reliable recall or need to keep your dog on a long line, you need to trust that long line will keep your dog safe. We trust this biothane long line and have been impressed with the service from Houndstuff.

For more information about biothane long lines and more awesome dog-related goodies, head to Houndstuff’s website.

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