Welcome to our blogs… we have different topics for you to choose from as we know that some of you have joined us to read about training, some have joined us through our workshops and social projects and some are fans of dogs who enjoy a cuppa and an entertaining read. You’re all very welcome & we’re grateful that you have stopped by.

Please feel free to share our blog posts! 

Canine Perspective CIC

A Dog’s Perspective brings you tales of life from a dog’s point of view. There are training tips inter-weaved throughout but they’re really just a different take on some of the behaviours we see in dogs with an attempt to explain on behalf of the hounds.

Inspired by Dogs shares the lessons we learn from our own dogs, the dogs of clients we work with and the dogs we are lucky enough to co-tutor with on our social projects.

Social Enterprise we’re proud to be a social enterprise and we blog about how that gives a different dimension to our business. When we’re working with other social enterprises, we talk about them too.

Team Canine Perspective is a self-indulgent blog about us! We’re continually learning from our own canine team members and the foster-hounds who join us every so often. Our canine team have their own roles in the business and they have wisdom to share.

The Training Blog is exactly as you’d expect. If you’re looking for insight into training, ideas for your own dog or some entertainment around our own stories and blips, this is for you.


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