Canine Hope Waiting List

Canine Hope

Thank you for your interest in the Canine Hope programme. As a charity or social enterprise working with survivors of sexual violence, you have the choice of joining our waiting list for a funded workshop, or simply booking a session with funding you already have! We also work with charities and social enterprises to apply for funding for the sessions.

You can receive our information pack by ticking the box below, it will be sent via the power of t’interweb. Well, ‘pack’ makes it sound grander than it is; it’s a PDF with everything you need to know about hosting a Canine Hope session.

You can join the waiting list too. You’ll receive a confirmation email, which means you’re on the list and the process we’ve adopted for the list is explained in the PDF. You’ll receive occasional updates about the list and any funding opportunities you could be eligible for, suitable for the programme. We are currently offering Canine Hope in the UK and Ireland, with sessions, further afield by discussion only, so if you’re outside of the UK or Ireland, please contact Marie.

To obtain our pack or join the waiting list, simply complete the form below. We will send it out to you electronically and you’ll be added to the waiting list immediately.