Social Impact Report

An evaluation of the extent to which the ‘Canine Hope’ programme, fosters positive behavioural change, personal development & recovery in participants who have experienced sexual violence.

The evaluation has been conducted by Dr. Ruth Jones OBE and Beverley Gilbert MA from the University of Worcester.

The aim of the ‘Canine Hope’ programme is to provide an innovative and constructive programme for those who have experienced sexual violence that supports behavioural change, personal development and recovery.

The content and delivery of the programme was excellent. The facilitator had in depth subject knowledge, expertise with working with dogs and an effective communication style that encouraged inclusive participation and which was motivating and energising.

Canine Perspective CIC Canine Hope

‘The inclusion of the rescue dog made the programme unique, gave added value and is innovative. Participants greatly appreciated the dog’s involvement.’

If you would like a copy of the full report, please contact Marie.