Canine Perspective CIC; Reintroduced

I am often asked about the story behind Canine Perspective CIC, how we’ve evolved and what we’re doing now. I have been known to confuse myself when answering these questions!

We’ve just re-jigged (technical term) the Thursday mailout to reflect the latest evolution of all things Canine Perspective CIC so I thought I’d take this opportunity to reintroduce what we do and how you can get involved.

First things first, we’re proud to be a social enterprise (that’s the CIC bit, it stands for Community Interest Company) and that means that we support our social mission through our profit. Canine Hope, our programme for survivors of rape & sexual violence and rescue dogs is delivered free-of-charge to clients of survivor-focused charities and social enterprises. The more we earn, the more programmes we can deliver, simples!

Canine Hope Purina Resilience In The Workplace

Everything we do at Canine Perspective is about learning with and from dogs, whether that’s through training, through our workshops or through our rescue dog mascot, Luna.

Canine Logic; that’s what we call our dog training and behaviour options because that’s really all it is; a means of understanding the logical canine approach to life and exploring how we can apply that to teach our canine friends how to live harmoniously with us in our human world.

Every behaviour that a dog is displaying is linked to a feeling. That feeling is linked to a need within them. When we understand the need, meet the need and enable communication with our dog, we can deal with the true cause of a behaviour, not just ‘train’ around the symptom.

121 sessions are for human folk and their canine friends living in Herefordshire, Shropshire & Powys and as members of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, we’re flying the flag for force-free, science-based training methods.

We have an online training club that is designed to answer all of your canine-related questions as well as being interactive so you can ask about your own dog, ask for help and advice and learn about all things dog along the way.

In our Canine Logic section, you’ll also see a link to canicross. We love running and we love dogs, so in partnership with Ludlow Runners, we have a canicross group. If you’re in the area, join us!


We are known for doing things a little bit differently and Canine Progress is something that has been known to raise an eyebrow or two.

We deliver our Canine Progress workshops with a canine co-tutor, a rescue dog.

We bring a whole new meaning to innovative resilience training. Sitting in a room, talking about building resilience, doesn’t sound hugely inspiring. There has to be more than interesting anecdotes and fascinating facts; what if you could SEE how to make a change, literally see change happening through your behaviour, communication and teaching?

Resilience is a skill, it’s not something that we’re inherently good at, or not, it’s something that can be developed. Like any skill, it’s learned through DOING, not through passive learning. It’s BECAUSE of the canine co-tutor that we can show you how resilience is built and bring it to life throughout the session so you leave with tangible, actionable skills that will improve all aspects of your life.

We deliver these workshops to corporate teams, charity, third sector and social enterprise teams and within educational settings. We also deliver to clients of charities and social enterprises and have trialled sessions for self-employed folk that will now be rolled out across the UK in the coming months.

We have always delivered these sessions with a rescue dog, but we have been asked many times if we can create a version for a small group of humans to attend the session with their own dog. That workshop has now been written and we’ll be trialling it this year.

My favourite comment on a 2019 feedback form from a group member in a corporate setting was ‘different (in a good way!)

Canine Perspective CIC

Finally, we have Love Learning from Dogs® which is the home of #TeamLuna. I will admit that I’m biased, but I’m head over heels in love with Luna. You can join #TeamLuna for free and every Monday a burst of canine-inspired inspiration will drop into your inbox. Luna’s wisdom has been printed on products and she even has her own children’s book. She’ll be landing in shops around the UK from Spring 2020, so we’ll be on #LunaWatch and members of #TeamLuna will be getting ‘shelfies’ whenever she’s spotted in a store.

We’re brave, we’re doing our best & we believe in ourselves. We’re not aiming for perfect, we’re aiming for real! We are #TeamLuna!

Canine Perspective CIC Team Luna

That’s us and our four-paw approach to building resilience through learning with and from dogs. If you’d like to get involved with one, or more, paws then please get in touch!

About Canine Perspective CIC

We're a social enterprise; training you from your dog's point of view. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something. So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it? You'll find our 'Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs' under the Canine Logic section. Check it out!

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