Canine Progress

Have you heard that we deliver our Canine Progress workshops with a canine co-tutor, a rescue dog?

BetterWithPets Resilience TrainingIt’s true. We bring a whole new meaning to innovative resilience training and while we’re all about the fun factor, we never forget that you need a session that will offer tangible change.

Sitting in a room, talking about building resilience, doesn’t sound hugely inspiring to me. There has to be more than interesting anecdotes and fascinating facts; what if you could SEE how to make a change, literally see change happening through your behaviour, communication and teaching?

Resilience is a skill, it’s not something that we’re inherently good at, or not, it’s something that can be developed. Like any skill, it’s learned through DOING, not through passive learning.

It’s BECAUSE of the canine co-tutor that we can show you how resilience is built and bring it to life throughout the session so you leave with tangible, actionable skills that will improve all aspects of your life.

We have four different ways that you can get involved with Canine Progress; some might say it’s a four-paw approach!

Canine Progress in the Workplace

Having spent many, many days delivering workshops to teams in the corporate world and SMEs throughout the annual turnover spectrum, I have seen that stress in the workplace has become an epidemic. The passion that individuals feel for their work can often be an additional trigger for experiencing stress, after all, the more you care the more the work matters.

All of the energy being channelled into managing stress is shifting the individuals’ focus away from the work that they have chosen to do, the work they care about, and the work they excel at. What a waste! We can re-channel that energy into positive mechanisms that will enhance productivity and wellbeing.

You can read all about our one-day workplace-based session here.

Canine Progress for Entrepreneurs

You’re living the self-employed, solo-entrepreneur dream. You’re exhausted! We see you.

Social Project Canine HopeIt’s not easy, being one human and taking on the roles of business manager, accountant, marketing guru, administrator, designer, project manager, oh, and doing the actual work that brings in the money.

You even have to make your own tea, when you get a minute!

Step off the rollercoaster for one day and join us. You will then be ready to step back onto the rollercoaster with renewed energy, strategies to cope with the inevitable setbacks, a plan to achieve the business goals that have so far eluded you and the communication skills you need to get through the tough conversations, often with yourself.

Find out everything you need to know here.

Canine Progress for Charity & Social Enterprise

My clients would LOVE this!

We hear that a lot and we’re at your service! We have worked with people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health, addiction and domestic violence. We have also worked with people undergoing treatment for cancer, their families, people who have experienced bereavement and people accessing support for PTSD.

We’re yet to find a client group who hasn’t benefitted from this session but please don’t take that as a challenge!

Accessing charity or social enterprise support usually means that someone is in need of help and by definition, that means they have experienced something that they need support to overcome, get through or learn to live with. In the midst of their experience, there’s always a need to develop physical and mental wellbeing in a way that will create a tangible change to their situation or their mindset around their situation.

Click here and find out how we can help by delivering our unique and innovative workshop in a way that will resonate with your clients.

Canine Progress for Life

In response to the many requests that we have had from people who would love to experience our workshop because they are keen to develop their own resilience in a new way, we have Canine Progress for Life. After all, we’re all surviving something.

This is a session hosted by us and a small group of people who are interested in personal development and know that dogs are the difference that make the difference spend the day with our human and canine co-tutor.

We run these sessions two or three times a year and they sell out quickly so hit this link and you’ll find everything you need to know.

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