Canine Progress for Charity & Social Enterprise

We specialise in building resilience through working with a rescue dog and we will deliver a day to remember for your clients.

We understand the trust your clients place in you and we don’t underestimate the trust you’re placing in us when we spend a day in their company.

Accessing charity or social enterprise support usually means that someone is in need of help and by definition that means they have experienced something that they need support to overcome, get through or learn to live with. In the midst of their experience, there’s always a need to develop physical and mental wellbeing in a way that will create a tangible change to their situation or their mindset around their situation.

When a situation arises that is a catalyst for seeking external support, the things that can disappear quite quickly are fun, innovative thinking and learning. These are three of the most important things necessary to move forward in any given situation. How can we become more resilient without the trilogy of bounce-back-ability?

Building resilience, reducing stress and improving wellbeing can be seen as an intangible goal, something that we all want to do but never quite manage. We offer a new approach, a way of seeing the benefits in real time, experiencing the tangible changes that can be made when we make different choices and with that, enjoy the feeling of stress reduction in a way that can easily be replicated.

Canine Progress for Charity & Social Enterprise is a one day session, delivered by our director, Marie Yates and a rescue dog. Our session offers a new approach to building resilience, with a canine twist. The presence of the dog and the interaction the group has with the dog adds an incredible dimension to the learning and development of each individual.

Canine Hope

We know that what we do is different; it’s something we’re proud of! We completely understand that it’s a leap of faith to invite one woman and her canine co-tutor into your world for a day. We know that our insistence that it’s the dog who enables the change can lead to the roll of an eyeball or two, unless you’re a signed up member of the ‘dogs change lives’ club, of course. 

After our session, your clients will understand the patterns that have been created in their behaviours and the way in which it affects their lives and the changes they can implement to positively impact their future.

Marie is the director and co-founder of Canine Perspective CIC, she’s an author and speaker whose life’s work has led her to this social enterprise. To say that she’s enthusiastic about the work is a dramatic understatement. Her first novel was the catalyst for Canine Perspective CIC and she firmly believes that dogs can help us to understand life through an indisputable truth. They adapt to life with a different species, they trust us and even when we fail, they show us that we’re worthy, just because of who we are. The profit from this workshop goes to fund the Canine Hope programme, so while changing working with us to develop your team, you’re also helping us to support survivors of sexual violence and rescue dogs.

Find out more and book your Canine Logic for Charity & Social Enterprise session by contacting Marie today.  

If you’re a charity or social enterprise dedicated to working with survivors of sexual violence, please click here or contact Marie about the Canine Hope programme.

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