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When we experience trauma, our brain and body changes. Our cells record those memories and the pathway it creates in the brain can be embedded quickly. When we say ‘we’re all surviving something,’ we mean it. When we say that we can help you change those pathways and live your best life, we mean that too. Helping people to build their resilience is what we do.

We understand that there’s a difference between trauma and the stress that we experience on a day to day basis, but any stressful event that we don’t recover from and return to a relaxed state from, is stored as tension, a small trauma. Over time, these tensions, both large and small, cause physical and emotional pain.

Do you have any idea how tightly wound your mind and body is?

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed?

Social Project Canine Perspective CIC Canine HopeIt’s not until you’ve had the most wonderful massage that you realise just how tense your back and shoulders are. It’s not until you sleep on the most comfortable mattress, having had a day of peace of quiet and no alarm going off to wake you that you realise just how exhausted you have been.

We spend a ridiculous amount of time in defensive mode, worried about money, or lack of it, worried about what people think of us and responding to triggers, set off by any number of small events throughout the day.

We’re offering you a life-wakeup call with a canine twist. We will show you how you can change those patterns, take control and CHOOSE different responses.

It’s time to choose.

Are you ready to choose how you respond, create habits that will help you progress and learn how to live a life that isn’t dictated to you by the traumas and stressors that you have carried with you up until now?

You can choose to say goodbye to:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Overwhelm
  • Self-sabotage
  • Anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Sleep problems

… to name just a few things that are holding you back from taking your life in the direction you want it to go.

Thank dog for stress.

Stress is inevitable, it’s something we’re hardwired to experience. It’s designed to keep us alive. As the vast majority of things we’re stressed about aren’t actually life-threatening, isn’t it worth developing the skills you need to counter it? If this isn’t a priority for you, you’re making a choice to keep on experiencing these things. Are we oversimplifying? Join us for the workshop and find out.

In one day, our Director and Co-Founder, Marie and a rescue dog, will show you how you can transform your life. We’re not just talking about the big dreams and goals you have, we’re talking about the day-to-day changes that you need to make in order to reach those goals. We’ll show you how you can make new choices. When we say SHOW you, that’s exactly what we mean, that’s the magic of working with a canine co-tutor.

Marie and Bruno were amazing. I learnt more in one day than I did through a coaching course that cost me hundreds of pounds. Bruno brought the lessons to life, working with him made me see how I can make changes and for the first time, I could really ‘see’ how personal development works. It’s magic. (Sophie Barham)

The canine co-tutor.

Dogs are among the most resilient of animals and our expectations of them within today’s culture in the UK surpass that of any other animal. Humans ‘train’ them to live in their home and expect them to understand the way they want them to behave. From the first day that they are taken away from their canine Mum, they have to adapt to a new way of life and that’s the best-case scenario. More and more dogs are now being abandoned to rescue centres, having been abused, neglected or simply misunderstood. Despite the horrendous experiences these dogs have faced, they learn to trust humans again. With the right understanding and approach, they thrive. The learnt behaviours that have developed through their mistreatment can absolutely be changed to reduce their fear and anxiety.

Utilising the stories of the rescue dogs, there can be objective discussions about new ways to approach resilience in our own lives. With a renewed acknowledgement about the foundations of wellbeing, the focus shifts to the experience of the dog and questions can be raised that link directly to challenges you’re facing. These are approached through questions about the dog and the way in which they express emotions and cope with these situations. The move to then teaching the dog new behaviours is done in parallel with goal setting for each person. As with the human participants, the cues and behaviours worked on with each dog are bespoke to their individual needs.

We will show you how you can:

  • Accept the person you are you today and how you became the person you are today
  • Recognise and reprogramme your thought patterns
  • Match your response to the situation you’re in
  • Set, and reach your goals
  • Build a support crew, you’re the average of the people you spend your time with
  • Believe you can cope with whatever life throws at you
  • Look after your mind and body

Cody showed me that I’m worth more than I thought I was. He taught me how I’m supposed to talk to myself, how I can take my goals step by step and how I can choose my future, not be controlled by my past. (Amber Walsh)

Ready to take a risk?

It’s a risk, joining us for the day. Marie gives a personal, heartfelt assurance that you will be in fine company. There won’t be any ridiculous activities; you’ll be in a small group of people who are all there for the same reason. If you’re wondering if it really is possible to recover from trauma and thrive, Marie is living proof. If you’re unsure that you’ll benefit from the day, that’s ok. What’s the worst that can happen, fun with a dog, enjoying the company of a fabulous group of people and a great lunch? You have nothing to lose!

Marie has a way of explaining all this stuff and you walk away, not only believing it’s possible, but knowing how you can make it happen. We laughed a lot today, I wasn’t expecting that! (Nahla Okiro)

Social Project Canine HopeThe human co-tutor.

Marie is the director and co-founder of Canine Perspective CIC, she’s an author and speaker whose life’s work has led her to this social enterprise. To say that she’s enthusiastic about the work is a dramatic understatement. Her first novel was the catalyst for Canine Perspective CIC and she firmly believes that dogs can help us to understand life through an indisputable truth. They adapt to life with a different species, they trust us and even when we fail, they show us that we’re worthy, just because of who we are. The profit from this workshop goes to fund the Canine Hope programme, so while changing working with us to develop your team, you’re also helping us to support survivors of sexual violence and rescue dogs.

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