Controversial? Us?!


Yesterday, I was told that our Canine Hope programme is ‘controversial.’   You’re damn right it is! The word ‘controversy’ was coined from the Latin ‘controversia’, as a composite of ‘controversus’, which means, ‘turned in an opposite direction.’ You bet we’re turning things in the opposite direction! The reason I…

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Team Canine Perspective At The Purina BetterWithPets Forum 2018


Back in the UK after an awesome event in Barcelona, we’ve had the chance to think about the whirlwind adventure that was the Purina BetterWithPets Forum 2018.   Being told that Canine Hope, the signature programme from Canine Perspective CIC working with survivors of rape and rescue dogs, had made…

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Training Blog: Top Five Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

If you’ve read any of our blogs or e-newsletters, you’ll know that we’re all about embracing the fact that dogs are dogs. We certainly want to ensure they can live harmoniously with their human family, but that doesn’t mean trying to change all of their innate behaviours. It means understanding…

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