Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

Be The Person - Dog

We talk a lot about the relationship between you and your dog being at the heart of teaching, training and generally learning to live together.   If you’re involved in any way with working with people, you’ll know that finding out what motivates them, supporting them as they learn and…

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Training Blog: Fireworks, Noise & Hiding Behind The Sofa


It’s a hot topic of conversation at this time of year. Whether you love them or hate them (we hate them!), you probably won’t escape them. It’s ‘fireworks’ time. It’s no surprise that most dogs are frightened of them. We can’t even begin to understand the volume at which they’re…

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Training Blog: A Liver Cake Recipe Your Dog Will Love

Liver Cake

I’m often asked about ‘the best’ treats for dogs or the food rewards that dogs will always respond to. Well, in all honesty, they don’t exist. There isn’t a ‘magic treat’ that will transform your dog into a recall champion, sorry! Finding the rewards that your dog loves is simply…

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