Canine Logic

Canine Logic; that’s what we call our collection of dog training and behaviour options because that’s really all it is; a means of understanding the logical canine approach to life and exploring how we can apply that to teach our canine friends how to live harmoniously with us in our human world.

Every behaviour that a dog is displaying is linked to a feeling. That feeling is linked to a need within them. When we understand the need, meet the need and enable communication with our dog, we can deal with the true cause of a behaviour, not just ‘train’ around the symptom.

Training resilience in humans and dogs is at the heart of what we deliver. The ability to bounce back after a setback is key to a positive relationship and communication is central to ensuring that happens as quickly as possible. Training you, from your dog’s point of view, is going to be the difference that makes the difference for you and your dog.

Canine Perspective CIC Social EnterpriseI’m Marie, the training fun facilitator here at Canine Perspective CIC. My journey to dog training and behaviour work happened by accident and now, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I wrote a book, inspired by my life-changing dog, Reggie. That book reached the final of The People’s Book Prize back in 2015 and when I was asked to deliver workshops and author visits, there was only one character that the audience really wanted to meet; of course, the legend himself, Reggie. I was often asked about how I taught him to do certain things; how I had trained him and how group members could train their own dogs to behave in this way. I had absolutely no idea! I had attended classes with Reggie but his empathetic and intuitive behaviour around humans was 100% down to his own genius.

By this stage in my life, I had studied to Masters’ level, worked on the Paralympic Programme for UK Athletics and because things were obviously going too well, I took a job with the Department for Education (DfE). The (un)Civil Service destroyed my soul and the less said about that the better. Writing my books and spending time with Reggie gave me a purpose. I was offered redundancy from DfE and it was the catalyst to a whole new world of opportunity.

I decided to learn about dog behaviour. At first, it was only so that I could answer the questions of the group members I met, but I became engrossed in learning everything I could about these phenomenal animals. The more I studied, the more I realised that we have so much to learn from dogs and that by working with them and learning to communicate with them in a way that’s mutually beneficial, we can change their world, and ours.

Dog Training Herefordshire Shropshire PowysI’m now qualified with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and run this social enterprise. I was a finalist in the National Animal Star Awards in 2019 in the training/behaviour category and have been featured in numerous media outlets for my work with rescue dogs. Canine Perspective CIC includes the following options for you to get involved with force-free dog training or join us for a canicross run!

121 training and behaviour sessions are available in Herefordshire, Shropshire & Powys.

Canine Perspective CIC

Our online training club for perfectly imperfect humans and their dogs has global membership; thanks to the World Wide Web, geography is not an issue!

Canine Perspective CIC

We also ‘run’ (pun intended!) a Canicross Group with Ludlow Runners. It’s a great way to enjoy time with our dogs, sharing something that improves mental and physical wellbeing for both human and canine members.

Canicross Canine Perspective CIC

This social enterprise was established due to our Canine Hope programme, working with survivors of sexual violence and rescue dogs. Our profits go to fund this programme, so by choosing to work with us, you are helping us to create a positive change for survivors and rescue dogs, thank you.

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