What’s The Dog’s Lead For?

Getting our dogs used to walking on lead is something we all have to do. Next time you’re out and about, have a look at what they’re being used for. That might sound like a silly request, but seriously, have a look!

Do you use the lead to simply ensure that your dog is safely attached to you while you’re out or is it your main means of communication while you’re walking with your dog?

What do I mean by that?

Well, over the weekend I conducted a little experiment which meant I sat in a café, drinking tea, watching cute dogs walk past the window with their humans. I saw 26 dogs in quite a short period of time and each one needed to avoid the sign outside the café, walk past other dogs and humans and resist the urge to eat the uneaten pizza that had been left on the side of the street. Yum!

25 of those 26 dogs were yanked by their lead around all of those things and 14 were also dragged away from the pizza. One dog had a brilliant means of communication with his human, walking on a loose lead he knew to stick with his human who was telling him he was in the right position with a cheery ‘good boy’, he turned to look at a dog being dragged out of his way and was called back with a ‘come on’ then was asked to ‘leave’ the pizza. The lead was never tight, the dog’s tail did not stop wagging and the relaxed human wasn’t fazed by anything as he knew his dog understood what was being asked of him.

For all of the other dogs, the lead was the main means of communication. They were manoeuvred around obstacles; many of them with quite stressed out humans, and didn’t understand what they were supposed to be doing. After all, they were doing a brilliant job of being dogs; sniffing, wandering around and wanting to explore. In most cases, there wasn’t one word uttered by the human.

Would you like a new means of communication so that you and your hound can operate as a team, can work together and be relaxed in the process? Well, we have our online dog training club launching later this month, which you’ll hear all about very soon, and for now you can find the instructions to teaching ‘leave it’ here.

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