Training Overwhelm

If you’ve been following all things Canine Perspective CIC for a while, you’ll know that grumpiness is often a catalyst for me to add something into the mix.

Something has made me grumpy!

I was chatting to a friend about her new rescue pooch and she said that she was overwhelmed with all the information ‘out there’ in the world. By that, I think she meant the World Wide Web, and how she wanted to do her best for her new canine bestie but she didn’t know where to start. Training overwhelm is definitely a ‘thing’!

Training Overwhelm

I sent her some links, talked through some ideas and I could see her eyes glaze over as (a) I was unintentionally adding to the overwhelm and (b) I can get overly enthusiastic when I’m talking dogs. I’m not sure I even stopped for breath before excitedly explaining all about a new canicross adventure she could join, the best scent work session she could ever go to, the top five cues that she could enjoy teaching and everything she needs to know about settling her new family member.

‘Jeez, if only you could put all that in one place so I could explore it in my own time!’

I was grumpy that I hadn’t thought of this before and immediately set about to rectify that situation.

I wanted to create something that’s completely aligned with the values of Canine Perspective CIC.

So, I did!

You won’t find any ‘secrets’ or ‘quick fixes’ in our Online Training Club. This has nothing to do with obedience and everything to do with learning with and from our dogs; it’s a lifestyle choice. Living in our human world can be confusing for our canine friends; it’s confusing for us sometimes too, right?! We’re not creating dog trainers in our club; we’re all about harmonious relationships and building resilience.

We’re launching on the 31st of January and we are EXCITED! Click here and you can sign up to be the first to know how to sign up. We’re also running a competition, linked to a quick survey, to win one of five free membership places. You’ve got to be in it to win it so please click here before 20th Jan 2020.

About Canine Perspective CIC

We're a social enterprise; training you from your dog's point of view. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something. So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it? You'll find our 'Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs' under the Canine Logic section. Check it out!

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