121 Dog Training & Behaviour Sessions

Canine Progress

Do you remember why you wanted to share your life with a dog? Did you dream of companionship, relaxing walks and magical stress reduction powers that your new friend would bring into your home?

It doesn’t always work out quite as we imagined, does it?

There’s no question that the furry family member has captured your heart. They just need some help to cope in your human world and some guidance about social etiquette.

If your companion is struggling, your walks are far from relaxing and your stress has been increased since their arrival, I can help!

Over the years, I have changed the way I offer 121 sessions. I have learned that we need the time for your dog to get used to me being around, for us to be able to talk about all of the aspects of life with your dog and to see what you’re seeing as you describe the challenges you’re experiencing.

If you don’t understand what’s going on for your dog, you’ll only ever be dealing with the symptom you’re seeing and that doesn’t help you or your dog. So, with the help of your dog, I’ll show you what’s going on for them and how we can work together to turn things around and establish the harmonious relationship you dream of.

The 121s I offer last for three-four hours; they usually include a walk and whatever else you need to explore the specific challenges you’re having, in the context you’re having them. I know how difficult it can be to explain to a trainer what’s going on, especially if there has been a gradual deterioration in your dog’s ability to cope with a situation, or if you can’t quite figure out what your dog is telling you, but you know they’re less than impressed.

It’s important to me that you understand what’s going on from your dog’s perspective. It’s rare that the challenge a person is having with their dog has one simple solution; if it was that easy you wouldn’t be reading this! When you know more about what your dog is experiencing, it’s much easier to teach them in a way that works for them. We will have plenty of time to look at what motivates them and the most effective way to teach them; you’ll see the changes starting to happen in real-time!

After the session, you’ll get a full write up and explanation of how to make the appropriate tweaks and changes as well as how to teach the cues you need. All of your questions will be answered and anything that has come up during the session will be added to your original requests. You’ll also get two, 45min, Skype calls within two months of the visit so that we can talk through the progress you’re making. We can see some training in action through the power of the interweb and you have the accountability and support to make tangible, lasting change.

If you live in Herefordshire, Shropshire or Powys, it will be a one-off cost of £180 and there’s no additional charge for evenings/weekends (including travel, no hidden costs). If you’re outside of these counties, there will be a small additional cost for travel.

Please get in touch if you’d like more info about booking one of these training sessions.

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