Fenton & Charles

Fenton & Charles Dog TreatsWell, it’s not just our canine team members who love these treats from Fenton & Charles! We’ll be honest though, the feline team member didn’t do any training and has the humans well trained enough to deliver treats on her cue.

There is such a huge collection of treats from Fenton & Charles and we haven’t found any that our dogs don’t love. The packaging is brilliant and refreshingly honest, you can see exactly what you’re buying.

The treats (and the dog food) is natural and we love that there aren’t any nasty surprises. There are long lasting treats and small training treats so there is something for every occasion!

We take these treats for the rescue dogs we work with on our social projects and the dogs devour them. They enable us to discuss the importance of nutrition and make the training more fun for the humans and the dogs.

Our entire team highly recommends Fenton & Charles!

Fenton & Charles


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