Fireworks, Noise & Hiding Behind The Sofa

It’s a hot topic of conversation at this time of year. Whether you love them or hate them (we hate them!), you probably won’t escape them. It’s ‘fireworks’ time.

It’s no surprise that most dogs are frightened of them. We can’t even begin to understand the volume at which they’re hearing those sounds, the fear that can come with that perceived threat and the sensory bombardment of bang after bang after bang.

As we’re nearing the full onslaught of the firework misery, we really don’t like them, remember that your dog has no idea what’s going on so will need you to be extra vigilant, extra patient and extra kind.

There’s some great information out there, but as usual, there’s also some rubbish information that hasn’t been filtered out by Dr Google. We know that all dogs are different, they cope differently and they react differently, so we have collated some of the best links, by trusted people who are force-free and know what they’re talking about. That way, you can be assured that you’re getting helpful information and there should be something to help in all situations.

  • Ten Safety & Calming Tips For Dogs During Fireworks – click here
  • HELP! My Dog Is Scared Of Fireworks (Book) – click here
  • Dealing With Fireworks Anxiety – click here
  • Making The Season Less Stressful For Our Dogs – click here

When the fireworks are going off, it’s simply a case of managing our canine friends’ fear. It’s not the time to start training! Would you like to start learning about simultaneous equations in the middle of a firework display? Once the firework season is over and your dog has had time to recover, then you can start thinking about training and working with your dog to be prepared for next year.

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