The First Christmas Without Them

I know I’m not the only human out there facing their first festive holibobs without their canine bestie. It’s not something that’s really acknowledged, not something that’s openly discussed, but the intensity of feeling is difficult to articulate.


ChristmasChristmas doesn’t mean a huge amount to me, but this year, I’m realising that I might have taken this time of year for granted. In the early days, when it was just me and my boy, Reggie was perfect company at Christmas. He loved that I had time off, powered down the laptop and decided that long walks were the best way to spend our days. Then, when we added another human and three more dogs to our family, we can safely say it was by far his favourite time of year. It was mine, too. Foor, walkies and time together, bliss.

This is a time of year when we’re pretty much forced to switch off. Rather than our brains being allowed to run wild, our thoughts being uncontrollable and the need to channel our energy driving us to distraction, we have our best friend to sit with us, walk with us and of course, eat with us! We’re not alone.

Then, this time of year rolls around again. The presents aren’t being licked while you’re trying to wrap them, the tree remains upright for days, you don’t have to put the turkey on twenty-four-hour surveillance and the cards you send don’t include their name. I know I’m not the only one who did that!

This is the time of year when you just hang out with your best friend.

So, I know that Christmas is a shitty, shitty time for many of us. For those of you who are ticking off your first Christmas without your canine bestie, I see you.

Big love,

Marie x

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