Team Canine Perspective

Team Canine Perspective is made up of a combination of humans and canines, each with their own experience, expertise and wisdom to offer.

Jill Bateswith a street dog that she befriended in Italy

Co-Founder & Director



Reggie-1214Marie Yateswith Reggie

Co-Founder & Director



2014-08-13 001 013Bearour five-year-old puppy. He came to us from a rescue centre having had a troubled start in life. He is a furry ball of energy, loves canicross, tracking, swimming and squirrels and is learning to become part of the Canine Hope Programme.



Advisory Board

Along with the core team, we have an advisory board made up of experts in a variety of fields who we are grateful to be working with. These are people we can turn to for strategic advice in their field of expertise and we’d be lost without them. Huge thanks and eternal gratitude goes to:


The original canine team… taught us so much and helped us to create Canine Perspective CIC.



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