The Life Of Riley

Don’t tell anyone, but I did look at a couple of Bear’s treats and think ‘I’m tempted to try that myself!

They look good and unlike most of Bear’s edible goodies, they smell pretty good too.

I didn’t take a bite, I think that would have devastated the furball, but never say never.

Life of Riley Pet Bakery offers healthy, gluten-free treats, cakes and truffles as well as our personal favourite; doggy doughnuts, which can be found at Shrewsbury’s Planet Doughnut if you fancy a treat for the whole family.

We’ve been fans of theirs for a while and Bear, along with a number of our canine co-tutors, can only be described as ‘superfans!’ Their Pet Bakery & Boutique started because of their own experience with Riley, an exceptionally cute pooch that struggled with food allergies.

The Life Of Riley

This Christmas, we bought Bear one of Life of Riley’s Advent Calendars. What? You know you want one next year! It was brilliant, even though it took us a while to explain the concept of only having one treat a day. Then, on Christmas Day, he had a box of goodies that didn’t make it to New Year. He wasn’t the only one that went overboard on the treats but at least his were delicious and nutritious unlike ours, which were only delicious.

The Life Of Riley

Now, treats are for life, not just for Christmas (sorry!), so if you’re not planning a trip to Planet Doughnut in the near future we highly recommend that you check out Life of Riley’s website and enjoy a treat or four.


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