Our Favourite Dog Training Tips on YouTube

One of the things I know we’re all guilty of is heading to Google or YouTube for training tips or answers on why our dogs are doing certain things.

I have no idea why, as we know the Dr Google is not the font of wisdom we wish it was. If you’ve ever googled the possible reasons you have a headache or the weather forecast, you’ll know that it’s not only inaccurate but it can scare you or at best, lead to a failed attempt at a BBQ due to a storm nobody mentioned. The latter is the reason I’m writing this & not outside burning a vege-burger.

So, I thought I’d offer a couple of force-free trainers who have YouTube videos and who you can enjoy watching, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be whispering, pack leader-ing or anything else that we don’t want to waste our day thinking about.

Just promise me one thing… PLEASE… when the list of videos appears on the right-hand side of your screen and say ‘you might also enjoy this’… STICK TO THE LIST FOR NOW! PLEASE! There are some troublesome people who turn up on that list and you don’t need them in your life, your dog DEFINITELY doesn’t need them in their life.

So, you have plenty to occupy yourself with these fabulous folk:

My personal favourite is Kikopup. She has hundreds of videos and explains different training tips as well as teaching tricks. Essentially, everything is a trick to your dog! Even if you only stick with Kikopup‘s videos, you’ll be occupied for a very long time. You don’t have to use a clicker, you can follow the videos and use a marker word – ‘yes’ / ‘ok’ instead of a click.

You may have seen Victoria Stilwell on the television, well she also has a selection of training videos. I’ve added her ‘sit’ video as there’s a very cute puppy (you’re welcome) but you’ll find around 50 videos by typing Dog Training with Victoria Stilwell in YouTube’s search box.

Next up, we have Steve Mann from the IMDT, one of the organisations we’re a member of. These videos give you great training tips and Nancy. What more could you ask for? Here’s the recall video, and you’ll find many more if you search ‘Steve Mann Dog Training‘.

Nando Brown has an ever-increasing selection of videos and this one, while not necessarily something you need to watch, is my favourite! You can find the rest of his training videos here.

There are plenty of other fabulous force-free trainers doing great videos, but you never know who is going to show up on that list as YouTube has no idea who will help and who will hinder your fun with your dog. So, these will be a perfect place to go for ideas and advice in the first instance if you’re a fan of asking the interweb for help.


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