Pizzle, You Say?!

I have fallen in love with the Puppy Tales Pet Products’ Mixed Bundle. It’s a mouthful to say, which is perfect as it’s more than a mouthful when it comes to the volume of treats you receive.

It ticks all the boxes we have and more.

Ordering online gives you the option of explaining the nuances of your dog. You can mix and match the treats or hand over the decision making to the team. I absolved myself of all responsibility, explaining Mr Bear’s… urm… quirks… as best I could and the box we received was perfect for him.


The packaging is as simple – and as recyclable – as it gets. Mr Bear really doesn’t care about fancy packaging and frankly, the sooner he can get his teeth into a treat the better.

The treat extravaganza was amazing value for money; they’re all long-lasting treats and we received a bonus bag of training treats. The mix and match element means that you’re guaranteed a surprise when you open the box, or if you know exactly what your dog will love, you can order to suit their tastes.

As I type this, Mr Bear is lying by my feet with a pizzle. We won’t dwell on what a pizzle is but I have a very happy dog; significantly happier than the bull that’s lost his pizzle, that’s for sure.

On that note, please head over to Puppy Tales Pet Products and check out their range of goodies. Your dog will thank you!

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