Written in an engaging, humorous (who knew business planning could be fun?) and informative way you can work through this book at your own pace. It designed to be short, easily accessible and a means to quickly deciding if your idea can be turned into a Canine Partnership for Personal Development Business. The book includes case studies from leading individuals and organisations already working in this field; you will get practical tips about to how to get started, how to keep going, and how to develop. Backed up by resources and products on our website, whatever stage you’re at with your business there will be something in this book to help you move forward.

Foreword by Sarah Fisher.


The human, Marie, couldn’t pass up the chance to work with one of the people she respects most on this planet, a trailblazer in the world of working with dogs to create social change, Chris Kent.


Chris runs the K9 Project and has combined all of her knowledge and experience with her passion for working with dogs, and created incredible projects that have enabled thousands of people to make positive change. She has helped countless dogs along the way too.

Being told ‘I want to do what you do’ is a hazard when working with dogs. Both Chris and our human hear this a lot! They have joined forces in an attempt to help more people ‘do what they do’, but in their own way!

  • Book – £7.99
  • P&P – £2.00


People often say the Country is going to the dogs. Whilst they are being critical, they are unwittingly endorsing this very useful little book. You see we all love dogs and as you will read, a business that uses dogs to deliver social change is a very good idea indeed! If you’ve wondered how to combine your love of dogs with your quest to change the world, then start reading right now. (Robert Ashton, The Barefoot Entrepreneur)

The School of Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) is excited to see one of their fellows, Marie Yates, working with a trailblazer in the world of working with dogs to create social change, Chris Kent. Their partnership marks an exciting time for the development of pioneering social business and their book is a gem that will support anyone who wants to work with dogs to build their own Canine Partnership for Personal Development (CPPD) Business. The methods and processes explored in the book offer a unique canine twist on starting your own social business and is as inspiring as it is innovative. (The School of Social Entrepreneurs)

It took me a while to actually open the book. I wanted to get started and I really wanted to set up a CPPD project as part of my dog training business, but I was quite overwhelmed. Fast forward eight weeks and I am holding my CPPD business plan in my hands and am really excited as I have my first session with a group of young people starting tonight. I have been thinking about doing this for years and now it’s happening. I followed the steps in the book, enjoyed it, laughed a lot and realised that I absolutely can do this. (Linda Reeves)

I have finally got around to reading CPPD’s book… wow! Taking time to read this book is going to save me so much time (and stress) in the future. Being on holiday in Cornwall has really helped me to relax and make time for me, that’s why I packed the book and made a promise to myself that ‘I was worth it’ and that ‘I would read the book!’ Before I started reading I was in the clear adolescent or maybe even grumpy Veteran stage….. now I’m like an excitable puppy again! Now off to enjoy the remainder of my holiday but once back to Cambridgeshire I’ll be formulating a business plan and getting more people on board to help out. Thanks so much, Chris and Marie, you’ve inspired me not to give up! I’m going to make real change. The biggest learning curve for me (even though Chris has told me 1000 times) is that what we do is valuable, I need to put a value to it! Whilst I love providing a community group for free of charge, it’s just not sustainable. (Becca Bryant)