What Happens When You Can’t Protect Them?

When young humans are let loose into the world, they will have to make decisions based on their own thoughts and feelings.

All of those experiences they have had in their formative years, their early socialisation and habituation will shape their minds. Whether they are used to interacting with their own species as well as other animals will shape how they interact. Whether or not they are accustomed to different environments will shape how they cope with the ever-changing onslaught on their senses.

  • Will they chose to put their hand up in class and ask a question?
  • Will the talk with the new pupil who has joined the school?
  • Will they stop playing netball because they didn’t score?
  • Will they decide that the arts aren’t for them because the first swoosh of a paintbrush resembles a spillage?

At the moment when the decision is being made, the child will draw on previous experience. It will happen in a nano-second and it will form a pattern of behaviour that follows them through life.

In that nano-second, they could turn to their default belief:

I am brave, I am doing my best and I believe in myself.


  • Yes, they will ask a question and they won’t be afraid to seek clarification, to explore ideas and ask for help.
  • Yes, they will be able to walk up to a new human and positively engage with them.
  • No, they won’t give up when there’s a setback, they’ll know they did their best and keep practicing.
  • No, they’ll know that they can turn the swoosh spillage into a new piece of artwork or that it’s ok to choose to start over!

Knowing that they have the skills to cope with challenges, setbacks, and changes is going to set them up for a life of being able to manage stress in a healthy way and to understand that it’s not always a negative thing, it just is.

Resilience is a skill and the sooner we start practising, the better. If you’re ready to help the young humans in your life to embed some bounce-back-ability, hit this link.

About Canine Perspective CIC

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