Canine Progress for Entrepreneurs

Being your own boss, that’s the dream, isn’t it?!

It certainly has its perks, but I think that most of us will agree that flying solo has a number of challenges that mean we’re not always living the dream, despite appearances.

Maybe we’re now realising why our previous bosses told us that we’re unemployable. We’re struggling to manage ourselves!

I’m Marie, the human behind Canine Perspective CIC. I understand the rollercoaster that is the entrepreneurial lifestyle; the intense highs and the profound lows, the days you wonder why you ever thought this was a good idea and the days you would never trade a single second of it, the days you feel as if you’ve won the lottery and the days you wonder how long you’ll survive on one tin of beans. It’s all part of the fun, right?

Social Enterprise & Charity Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we want to make a difference; we know that we’re offering something unique to our clients. We laugh in the face of a work-life balance; after all, this is our life’s work, isn’t it? We wonder if they’ll ever come a time when we can make it through a weekend without announcing, ‘I just need to do this one little thing,’ and emerge four hours later covered in post-it notes.

We know that it’s worth the time and effort, we know that we’ll soon be reaping the rewards, building a team and taking a much needed off, safe in the knowledge that our enterprise will run perfectly without us. Yeah, like anyone could ever be trusted to run it without us!

It’s exhausting. It’s worth it, but it’s exhausting.

How can we be expected to make effective business decisions when we can’t remember whether we’ve stopped for lunch or not? How can we be innovative and put out ideas into action when we’re struggling to form sentences? How can we be thought leaders when our own thoughts are a cascade of to-do lists rolling in front of our eyes in a never ending loop?

Right now, would you employ yourself as your CEO?

It’s so easy to get lost in the daily tasks, desperately trying to say on top of everything you have to do, forgetting why you started this adventure in the first place.

What would happen to your business if you fell ill? The chances of you becoming unwell, burnt out or making detrimental mistakes because of exhaustion are increasing as you continue to work in this way.

‘But I have to crack on and get these things done…’

‘I have no choice; it’s all on me…’

‘If I don’t do these things, nobody else will…’

‘If I stop, I might never start again…’

Yes, it is all on your shoulders. The success or failure of your enterprise is down to you.

So, doesn’t it make even more sense that you need to take a few hours, refocus, learn a new approach to ensuring you’re operating at your best?

Join me, a canine co-tutor and a small group of entrepreneurs to:

  • Refocus your passion and purpose.
  • Learn a new way of understanding resilience so you can prepare for the rollercoaster that’s ahead and recover effectively to move forward as quickly as possible.
  • Learn about why you respond to stressful situations in the way you do and how you can change those responses to serve you and your clients.
  • Understand why self-care isn’t just something we schedule in; it’s a lifestyle choice that will transform your ability to successfully run your business.
  • Learn effective communication methods that will help you to motivate yourself and your clients, ensuring a win-win when it comes to productivity and results.

The reason we’re able to make tangible change and assure you that it’s worth taking a day out of your business to join us is because of the canine co-tutor. The rescue dog who will be joining us for the day will SHOW YOU how you can be the business owner you need to be to ensure you succeed. They will enable you to see behaviour change through positive and effective communication, they will enable you to see how goal setting works and how you can translate that into executing your own business goals in a way that will leave you with no excuses, and you will succeed. The canine co-tutor is the reason this works.

Also, I asked a business buddy of mine what she’d need to know about the workshop to encourage her to join us for the day. She said ‘just tell me there’ll be a dog.’

There will be a dog!

Caninr Progress for Life Resilience Training Entrepreneurs

About the human co-tutor:

Marie is the director and co-founder of Canine Perspective CIC, she’s an author and speaker whose life’s work has led her to this social enterprise. To say that she’s enthusiastic about the work is a dramatic understatement. Her first novel was the catalyst for Canine Perspective CIC and she firmly believes that dogs can help us to understand life through an indisputable truth. They adapt to life with a different species, they trust us and even when we fail, they show us that we’re worthy, just because of who we are. The profit from this workshop goes to fund the Canine Hope programme, so while changing working with us to develop your team, you’re also helping us to support survivors of sexual violence and rescue dogs.

Find out more and book your place on the next Canine Logic for Entrepreneurs session by contacting Marie today.

If you have a small group of between 6-10 business besties and you’d like to get together for one of these sessions, we can happily arrange that with you.

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