Splashy Dog Harness Review

We have been fans of fleece dog harnesses for a long time. They’re made to measure and Jo, the founder of the company, is happy to talk through the measurements over the phone which is a real bonus. As you can see, the dude on the left is dry and the green harness he’s wearing is still as good as new, three years on. The dude on the right is soggy and it is his daily mission to find water. After a couple of years, his harness started to twist a little bit. To put that into context that’s with around two hours of adventure as a minimum every day. Those adventures involved water about 85% of the time! So, we spoke with Jo about our options. We’re now keeping his blue harness for dry adventures and we have the new ‘splashy dog harness‘ for the splashy dog.

Canine Perspective CIC Fleece Dog Harness

This harness has all the features we love, with the added bonus of being made with a water resistant, air mesh. It has the front and back ring and is super strong, just as the fleece versions are. Keep in mind that these harnesses are truly put through their paces. Both the fleece, and splashy dog, versions have been reinforced as Jo has been warned about our young team member! They have withstood a squirrel chase on a long line, and that’s over 40kg of super-strong and super-speedy hound!

The fit is perfect, Jo makes sure of that. All measurements are double checked and she has a sixth sense about any possible discrepancies in them. The choice of colours are brilliant and as with the fleece harnesses, they have held their colour and fit with numerous, and I mean numerous, washes. We, obviously, have matching leads and you can also get matching collars.

EDogz Fleece Dog Harness

The splashy dog harness has already been tested. We’ve had soggy walks by the river and a trip to Weston-Super-Mare where, oddly, we found the sea! The harness didn’t twist, it dried really quickly and once we were home, a quick hose down was all it needed to look as good as new. They can be washed too!

We recommend these harnesses to clients, purely because we use them ourselves, we trust them and we know our dogs are comfortable in them. Having one made specifically for water babies is the icing on the dog walking cake.

For more information about these harnesses, please visit the website.

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