Training Blog: Top Five Dog Training Tips

Dog Training Tips

If you’ve read any of our blogs or e-newsletters, you’ll know that we’re all about embracing the fact that dogs are dogs. We certainly want to ensure they can live harmoniously with their human family, but that doesn’t mean trying to change all of their innate behaviours. It means understanding…

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Training Blog: Barking At The Sound Of The Doorbell


This is a familiar and frequent challenge for the more sociable dog guardians among us, or those of us who can’t stop ordering stuff online and know the UPS drivers by name.   Does your dog launch into a bark-a-thon when the doorbell goes? Is it then a game that…

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Forget About Dog Training

Canine Perspective CIC

One of the many things I love about dogs is their innate ability to declare their feelings. If they’re happy, we know about it. If they’re not happy, we know about it. The question is, what do we DO about it?   This is something we explore regularly on our…

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Sheep Theory… We Were Put To The Test!

Dogs Sheep

Having recently written a blog on the importance of keeping dogs on leads around livestock, not putting livestock at risk of being frightened or harmed and keeping dogs calm around livestock, it seemed fair that I shared our own experience. This morning, we were put to the test.   It…

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Walkies During Lambing Season. Training 101.

Dogs Sheep Lambs

It’s that time of year again. We’re surrounded by cute lambs who can lead our hounds into temptation. Our dog’s desire to chase can be stressful for us owners but it can also lead to livestock getting injured in the process.   Some dogs have more of a tendency to…

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