Team Canine P On Holibobs – Oxwich Bay

It takes quite a lot of coaxing to get me (Marie) to go on holibobs. I’m quite happy at home! Still, I was packed and ready for a two-night mini-break last week with the promise of peace and quiet, time to relax and fun on the beach with the furball, Mr Bear.

Wales in November doesn’t necessarily conjure up a picture of tropical paradise, yet arriving at Oxwich Bay, on the Gower peninsula, that’s exactly what we found. Ok, so ‘tropical’ might be a stretch, but we didn’t need our coats on and even managed a dip in the sea. A quick dip, but a dip nonetheless.

Oxwich Bay

When we’re planning a beach break with Bear, we are aware that his size and furriness means any room we stay in will be covered in sand within seconds, that’s with us drying him off and brushing him before he sets paw inside. He can smuggle sand like a pro. We opted for a static caravan at Oxwich Bay Hotel, purely to limit the sand trails that would have been created through communal areas in the hotel itself. Managing Bear’s impromptu and ‘perfectly timed’ shakes that can decorate a wall from floor to ceiling doesn’t make for a relaxing holibobs.

To be welcomed with a dog towel and a bowl with treats is a win, in our book. While Bear enjoyed his treats, we enjoyed a welcome cuppa and biscuit too. Winning all round!

The hotel’s site is, as the name suggests, right on Oxwich Bay. It’s the perfect location for a holiday with your hound. It’s a dog-friendly beach all year round and with 2.5miles of expansive beach and woodland, you have space to enjoy the peace and quiet, while also being able to hang out with your dog’s new friends and their humans.

‘Dog-friendly’ means different things in different places, but Oxwich has everything covered. There are areas inside the hotel where your dog can join you for food, and these areas are as beautiful as everywhere else in the hotel, they just don’t have carpet! If your dog would feel too much pressure to chillax while you’re eating, there’s the option of leaving your dog in the static caravan. Now, there are, of course, differing opinions on whether you ‘should’ (I hate that word) leave your dog, but it’s brilliant to have the option. Mr Bear joined us for dinner on our first evening and received a lot of love and attention; he had a fabulous time with space to lie down, his very own water bowl and a steady stream of treats heading in his direction. The peace of mind that comes with eating in a place that is genuinely ‘dog-friendly’ in the true sense of the word is second to none.

Oxwich Worms Head

Always on the lookout for new adventures, we drove further around the coast to Worm’s Head. We have it on good authority that Rhossili Bay, the home of the worm, is one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. We watched the sunset on an (almost) empty beach and can confirm it is one of the most stunning locations we have ever visited. Breathtaking.

After a tough day of relaxing and playing, we needed to eat. Again, with the Bear, we wanted to find somewhere he would be welcomed in all his sandy glory. The Ship Inn exceeded all expectations. With an initial recce, I was told that I could have a table that would seat about ten people, even though we were a group of two humans and the Bear. We had more than enough space for him to chillax, he was given his own water bowl and even had some chunks of fresh chicken, delivered with love and cuddles. The food for us humans was delicious too!

A mini-break with Mr Bear is awesome. Honestly, he’s such good company, embraces the freedom of the beach, makes friends and reminds us why we love sharing our lives with dogs. To be able to truly relax with him, to be welcomed by Oxwich Bay Hotel and The Ship Inn and to enjoy spectacular beaches isn’t something we take for granted.

If you’re looking for a break with your dog, check out Oxwich and the surrounding area, it’s Bear recommended!

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