Have We Told You All About Luna?

I am not sure if you have been introduced to Luna, our fabulous rescue dog mascot, who is the face of Love Learning from Dogs and the deliverer of canine wisdom through a variety of means.


You’ll know that Canine Perspective started because of a book, which was written because of an incredible dog. Well, we always knew that we couldn’t ask one ‘real’ dog to be the face of Canine Perspective because the day would come when he was no longer around.

Now, I know that there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ dog. However, we needed one that would live forever, after all, that’s really the only failing our dogs have, isn’t it?

So, with our wonderful illustrator, Stacie Swift, we created Luna.

Love Learning from DogsLuna shares her canine wisdom in order to brighten the lives of humans. We all know that we should ‘be more dog’ and Luna shows us how we can do that.

#TeamLuna is for anyone who has been let down by humans but knows that life is there to be lived and just like a rescue dog who’s given a second chance, seizes the moment and pursues happiness.

We have a lot to learn from dogs, it’s a privilege to be in their company and as someone who is all about force-free, kindness and enjoying their dog; I wanted to make sure I introduce you to Luna. If you’re already a member of #TeamLuna, thank you for the support and I hope you love her as much as we do. If you’re not a member and you’re wondering what it’s all about, please join us. It doesn’t cost you a penny, so what do you have to lose?

Hit this link & find out everything you need to know.

About Canine Perspective CIC

We're a social enterprise; training you from your dog's point of view. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something. So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it? You'll find our 'Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs' under the Canine Logic section. Check it out!

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