Thank You!

Whether you’re breathing a sigh of relief that ‘C’ day is over or you’re braced for another day of festive shizzle, we hope that you’re enjoying some time out with your canine bestie(s).

While we’re in full 2020 planning mode, we will also take some time to review 2019 and we have a lot to be grateful for. As always, we have had a lot of help and support along the way so we’re raising a cuppa to everyone who has continued to support our venture. You’re reading this, so that includes you; cheers!

Thank You!

We have delivered our Canine Hope programme to survivors, we have delivered our Canine Progress workshop to teams, we have worked 121 offering training and behaviour support to humans and their hounds and we have kick-started the development of a whole new product line for #TeamLuna.

All of the rescue dogs we have worked with through Canine Hope and Canine Progress have been successfully rehomed and are spending this Christmas in their forever homes.

What started out as an accidental enterprise has now become a leading voice in the power of the human-canine bond to overcome adversity and build resilience. As we head into 2020, we’re going to need more resilience than ever!

We’ll be bringing you even more opportunities to get involved in the coming year. You can join us for our one-day resilience-building workshop, there will be a version launched for you to bring your own dog to a small group session and our online training club for perfectly imperfect humans and their dogs will be launching in January.

But first, I believe that there’s a box of Heroes that I need to finish off, purely to ensure the canine team member doesn’t get his paws on them. I’m selfless like that!

Here’s to a fabulous 2020… and enjoy the rest of 2019!

About Canine Perspective CIC

We're a social enterprise; training you from your dog's point of view. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something. So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it? You'll find our 'Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs' under the Canine Logic section. Check it out!

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