The Canine Team Reviewed Butternut Box

Butternut Box

The boys have thoroughly enjoyed reviewing their delivery from Butternut Box. I’d love to say that they savoured each mouthful and took the time to share their thoughts on the taste, texture and nutritional value of their meals, but they didn’t. They devoured each mouthful and their noses were twitching in anticipation at the opening of a new packet, while the drool spoke for itself!

From a human perspective, Butternut Box is more than just a new dog food on the market, it’s like joining a group of friends. The team are knowledgeable about what dogs need nutritionally and they are happy to talk through how they prepare the food and why they prepare it in this way. You’re not left guessing about how to transition your dog from their existing food as you get helpful emails to make sure you know what to do and that information is repeated in your first delivery.

The delivery itself is brilliant. As someone who likes to know what’s happening, I was impressed by the level of information. I knew when the box would be delivered, was given an hour’s time slot and even knew then name of the driver. The box arrived, right on time!

Butternut Box

The box. Well, forget the food, it’s worth ordering for the box alone! Ok, that’s definitely from a human perspective, but it’s guaranteed to make you smile. Inside, the food is frozen and carefully packaged to keep it as fresh as possible. The instructions are clear and there’s a little note, sharing the social mission of Butternut Box.

As you know, we’re huge fans of businesses that go the extra mile. Butternut Box is certainly one of them. For every new customer, a homeless dog is fed this delicious and nutritious food. It’s a win-win.

With ‘help’, we unpacked the box to find a choice of flavours. The boys dropped their Sunday afternoon plans (napping for Sir Reggie and squirrel patrol for Mr Bear) to pick their dinner options and were more than a little disappointed when they were asked to hand over their choices so that they could defrost. Never fear, the Butternut Box crew have thought that through. There’s a little note on the instructions that says the pouch will defrost in a matter of minutes thanks to the power of hot water; it’s as if they’ve seen impatient dogs before!

Again, from a human perspective, the food looks great. It also smells great. I mean, really great. I didn’t partake, the boys aren’t known for their generosity at feeding time, but you can smell the quality and see the goodness as you open the packet. There’s nothing hidden, what you see is what you get and I love that the packaging is simple and effective. There’s no heavy sales, just good quality.

Butternut Box

Over to the boys. Now, these two are used to good quality food. We have spent a lot of time researching what’s best for them. However, a couple of things surprised me. We followed the instructions, so they both had a mix of their existing food and the Butternut Box food at each meal.

Firstly, Sir Reggie: he’s an older gentleman and needs some medication to help him enjoy his daily adventures. Hiding the pills in his food has become a daily adventure for me! He usually devours the food and then begrudgingly makes his way through whatever I’ve found to hide his pills in. Not this week! With the pills mixed into the Butternut Box food, he has devoured them and then eaten his usual food. That’s a big deal for His Lordship!

Butternut Box

Secondly, the Mighty Bear. He loves his food and for anyone who has worked with us, you’ll know that we don’t use bowls to feed the boys, they have games and maze feeders and all sorts of adventures when it comes to feeding time. Mr Bear’s favourite games involve using his nose to find his food. Setting up a little game in the garden, he found and then walked past his existing food, putting his nose back to the floor until he found the Butternut Box food, only going back to his existing food when every last morsel of Butternut Box had been inhaled! I wondered just how much of a treat the Butternut Box food was for him. He will drop everything for a knuckle bone. The joy that boy gets from an afternoon of chomping through bone is, well, disgusting! So, he watched as I put a knuckle bone on one side of the garden and his Butternut Box food on the other. Guess where he went first… yep, Butternut! Now *that* is a 10 out of 10 from Mr Bear!

Butternut Box

As an aside, the Butternut Box team encourage recycling. We can confirm that the packaging and the box has numerous uses… as tested by the feline!

For more information about Butternut Box, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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