Three ‘Weeks’ & A Dog

It’s a triple whammy on the ‘weeks’ with National Storytelling Week, Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence Awareness Week and Children’s Mental Health Week landing at the same time.


Throw a dog into the mix and it’s a week that’s perfectly designed for us!

It was a story that started everything we do here and stories feature highly in the workshops that we deliver. Every rescue dog we work with has a story and it’s through their story that we can learn about our own experiences, our responses and how to make changes for the better.

Working with survivors of rape and sexual violence is at the heart of what we deliver, our social mission and the project we’re proudest of, Canine Hope. The project emerged from a book and is now creating a new book as a result of what we have learned over the last six years of working with survivors.

Then there’s children’s mental health. Last year, this was something we ploughed our energy into with Luna’s Woodland Adventure, a children’s book designed to develop a growth mindset and instil positive core beliefs in children. Our rescue dog mascot, Luna, is a genius when it comes to sharing canine wisdom so that we can learn from dogs.

Sharing stories is the driving force behind the work we do and combined with the awesomeness of dogs, it’s a game-changing combination!

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