We Don’t Train Them, They Train Us

I think most of us will admit that we’re trained by our canine friends in one way or another.


That’s not quite what we mean when we say that we’re trained by the dogs we work with! Although, we do understand that learning about the not-so-subtle nudge to get on the sofa or the play bow while holding a soggy tennis ball is a vital part of any canine-led human training programme, we’re talking about resilience.

Rescue dogs have been let down by humans. They all have a story and, like us, can turn their lives around and thrive when they’re in the right environment and surrounded by love.

When we work with rescue dogs on our Canine Hope and Canine Progress sessions, we don’t train them to do anything specific. That’s the point! We want to learn from their natural behaviour.

We work with the rescue centre to ensure that the dog will enjoy being around people and will benefit from the session, but their only specialist skills are those that they were born with.

Through sharing the dog’s story, learning about their journey and why they are now being cared for by a rescue centre gives us an understanding of what they have experienced. With that in mind, seeing them greet the group members, enjoy the company of humans and embrace the various activities of the day, we can see resilience in action.

That is what we need training in and there’s no better teacher on earth.


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