Canine Perspective’s Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs

Canine Perspective CIC’s Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs

I’ll admit, it’s not the snappiest of titles, but it’s not a ‘dog training club.’ It’s a training club for you and your dog.

You won’t find any ‘secrets’ or ‘quick fixes’ for you or your dog in here.

This has nothing to do with obedience and everything to do with learning with and from our dogs.

Living in our human world can be confusing for our canine friends; it’s confusing for us sometimes too, right?!

We’re not creating dog trainers in our club; we’re all about harmonious relationships and building resilience.

At the heart of everything we do at Canine Perspective CIC is the philosophy that the dog has to benefit from living in a human family as much as the humans do from the presence of the dog. We’re learning with and from our dogs. Training isn’t something we do to them; it’s something we do with them and ‘training’ is a concept that, for us, is a lifestyle choice. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something.

So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it?

  • Coming home from walks wondering if there will ever be a day you’re not pulled around the streets…
  • Too worried about the chance of your dog not returning from squirrel patrol, you’re still not confident enough to let them run free…
  • Being injured, unwell or knowing it’s too hot/cold for your usual walkies and you’re worried about how you’re going to keep your dog occupied…
  • Having googled every piece of training advice you can find but nothing’s working to ‘stop’ your dog doing the thing you really wish they wouldn’t do…
  • Wanting to learn more about dogs, their behaviour, their body language and their methods of communication but reading so much conflicting advice that you’ve given up…
  • Knowing that time with your dog is as beneficial for your mental and physical health as it is for theirs, but not knowing how to fill that time…
  • Wanting to be the person your dog thinks you are and needing some help to step up and make that happen…
Canine Perspective CIC Online Dog Training Club

Inside our training club you will find:

  • How to teach training cues
  • Understanding dog behaviour*
  • Enrichment ideas for everyday life
  • Training plans
  • Questions from group members, with comprehensive, practical and actionable answers
  • Links to trusted experts, websites, books & resources
  • Interviews with and advice from trusted experts, designed to improve your life with your dog
  • Understanding your dog
  • Upgrades to talk, 121, about your dog’s training needs & receive practical support
  • Our own, bespoke, courses to improve your mental health & wellbeing with the help of your dog
  • We also take requests from group members, so if there’s something you need, let us know!
  • *For specific behavioural advice, we always advise that you seek personalised support. Please contact us if you have a question about what’s best for you and your dog(s).

Every month, a minimum of two new planned resources will be added. We will share with group members the new additions via our weekly training club emails and a third resource will be added based on requests.

If you would like to be a founding member of our Online Club, we are offering a Founder’s Price of £4.99/month until the 20th Feb 2020. The monthly membership fee will never go up for you. From 21st Feb, the membership fee will increase to 8.99/month.


£1 of every monthly membership payment goes directly to support the delivery of Canine Hope, supporting survivors and rescue dogs with our trauma-recovery and resilience-building programme.

By joining the club, you’ll have everything you need to develop a harmonious, enriched, life for you and your dog. Rather than delivering a prescriptive schedule of information, we’ll respond to your requests, answer your questions and provide what you need. You can drop into the club whenever you need it, we’re here for you; a trusted friend at the end of a website link!

Your login details will be emailed to you when you sign-up so you’ll have instant access.

If you’re wondering if it’ll be worth it to join and whether there’s a sneaky stay-in-forever clause, rest assured that there is no such thing. We learn from dogs, remember, so we’re all for a simple, logical, approach. If you choose to leave, it’s easy to do and nothing bad will happen! If you’d like to re-join because you have realised the error of your ways, you will be welcomed back like a dog welcomes a human that has left the room for more than a minute. We’ll be EXCITED to see you. The only downside of leaving and re-joining is that the membership fee might have increased.

There isn’t a ‘community’ element to the club, so you won’t be interacting with other members. The aim is to take the pressure off, give you the information you need and not overwhelm you with conversation. We’d much rather you spend time with your dog than strangers on the interweb. All communication will be sent to you via email and if you would like to submit questions and remain anonymous in the questions’ bank, that’s absolutely fine. You might have noticed that there isn’t a dedicated ‘puppy’ area in the club. That’s because we’re all about rescue and we advocate for rehoming dogs from reputable rescues, not buying puppies. We do, however, know that puppies and young dogs find their way into rescue centres too, so there is advice for raising a pup including in the training sections.

“Why Should I Trust You?!”

It’s a fine question! With all the talk of differing advice, different methods and different ideas, why you should trust us?

Why should you trust me, Marie, the human behind the club?

Dog training is unregulated in the UK. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer and there are plenty of folks who ‘have had dogs all their life’ who set themselves up as trainers. I’ve had teeth all my life, would you trust me to be your dentist?! Who knows, some of them might be amazing trainers, but I firmly believe that qualifications and continual professional development matter. If I’m not willing to put myself forward to be assessed by a reputable body, to learn and continue learning, then how could I possibly ask you to trust me?

I’m a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and along with the practical learning of a force-free approach, I also have a diploma in Canine Psychology & Behaviour. Having studied to Masters’ level in a field I previously worked in (Disability Studies MA,  fascinating, but not hugely relevant to what I’m doing now!), I have chosen to take an academic route in this field to ensure that I am able to offer the best, most up to date, information possible. As a social enterprise, a Community Interest Company, we have a code of ethics and a promise of transparency that informs every aspect of the work we do. Our social projects and the work we do with survivors and rescue dogs has been independently researched and assessed by a team at the University of Worcester, which was suitably terrifying while also being an incredible learning experience.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, join us and allow me (Marie, Director & Co-Founder) to earn your trust.

Canine Perspective CIC Online Dog Training Club

About Canine Perspective CIC

We're a social enterprise; training you from your dog's point of view. Every single thing you do teaches your dog something. So, if everything you do teaches your dog something, it makes sense that everything you need is in one place, doesn’t it? You'll find our 'Online Training Club For Perfectly Imperfect Humans & Their Dogs' under the Canine Logic section. Check it out!

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