A Burst Of Training Tips

We all need different things when it comes to training with our dogs, we all learn differently.Our dogs will be motivated by different things and will need to learn different skills, so here’s a roundup of our four most popular training blogs. In no particular order!


The Most Common Training Mistake: This is a mistake that I make, we all do it and yet it’s so easy to become of aware of what we’re doing and change the pattern. Read all about it here.

Teach Your Dog Any Cue In Six Easy(ish) Steps: If you understand the formula for teaching your dog, you can teach them absolutely anything. It’s easy, it just takes consistency! The formula is here for you.

Top Five Dog Training Tips: Let’s go back to basics and look at our top five training tips that will enhance your relationship with your dog and start to shift your thinking from ‘training sessions’ to a ‘learning lifestyle’. It’s waiting for you here.

Our Favourite Dog Training Tips on YouTube: I love that this one has made the list as it really upsets me when people get poor information thanks to the power of search engines. One of the things I know we’re all guilty of is heading to Google or YouTube for training tips or answers on why our dogs are doing certain things. I have no idea why, as we know the Dr Google is not the font of wisdom we wish it was. So, I thought I’d offer a couple of force-free trainers who have YouTube videos and who you can enjoy watching, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be whispering, pack leader-ing or anything else that we don’t want to waste our day thinking about. Check them out, here.


Happy Training!

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